I am doing a special offer on some of my prints for those special Christmas presents for either you or your loved ones away from home.

And this is where I need your help!  Out of the prints in the Gallery on this website could you please help me choose which FIVE I should put on special offer and, wait for it…..IF I GET AT LEAST FIFTY PEOPLE MAKING A CHOICE, I WILL PUT ALL THE NAMES IN A HAT AND THE FIRST THREE NAMES THAT COME OUT WILL GET THE PRINT OF THEIR CHOICE – FREE. (There are only two pictures which cannot be included in this special offer and they are  “Castle Island” and “The Last Steam Train”.)

Please post your selection in the comment box below or email me,

For all your support this past year, I thank you wholeheartedly.



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  1. Tough job to choose 5. I love classic architecture though, and these ones really speak to me.
    Boyle Riverside Walk
    Fanad Lighthouse Donegal
    The Stone House Cafe
    Where the River Runs Wild
    Sligo Courthouse

  2. victorian bridge over the eskey,
    the game,
    beneath benbulbens gaze,
    fanad lighthouse donegal,
    rockingham stag.

    they are all amazing hard to choose

  3. A Snowy Sunday
    Back to the Mountain
    Boyle Riverside Walk
    Fanad Lighthouse Donegal
    Rockingham Stag

    …but they’re all brilliant. 🙂

  4. “View from the Ladies Brae”
    “Gathering Clouds”
    “Boyle Riverside Walk”
    “A Snowy Sunday”

  5. Rockingham stag 2 back to the mountain 3,boyle riversidewalk. 4.the famine rd 5,the storehouse cafe . But they are all fantastic .

  6. Very tough call here, love them all!
    Fabourite has to be ‘the journey home’, closely followed by ‘a good days surf’, ‘Boyle riverside walk’, ‘rockingham temple’ and ‘where the river runs wild’
    Thanks for tha chance to win

  7. All beautiful and stunning pieces Yitya..
    For me the 5 are –
    Boyle Riverside walk
    Rocking ham Temple
    Sculpted Chestnuts
    The Journey Home
    The Long Way Down.

  8. I struggled last week when I looked – thanks for making me decide!
    Metal man
    Snowy Sunday
    Beneath Benbulbens Gaze
    Rockingham Stag

  9. Brilliant Artist & hard to pick five but here goes,
    1) An Cluiche
    2) Rockingham Stag
    3) Back to the Mountain
    4) The Famine Road
    5) Boyle Clock Tower

    Good Luck Everyone 😀

  10. All very good but my top are:
    Boyle Riverside Walk
    Fanad Lighthouse Donegal
    The Stone House Cafe
    The BoatHouses
    Where the river runs wild

  11. Difficult to choose…
    Back to the mountain
    Moylurg Tower- lough key
    Rockingh stag
    Boyle riverside walk
    Rockingham temple

  12. Hi Vitya
    Very nice work. You don’t often get to see such quality charcoal. Thanks.
    My choice is
    Back to the Mountain
    Rockingham Stag
    The Long Way Down
    The Metal Man
    Victorian Bridge over the Easkey River Boyle

    Best of luck


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