Roscommon County Matters

Woke up last Tuesday morning with my heart thumping in my chest…..why?  IRISH TV…..that’s why!  They were coming to interview me for the programme Roscommon County Matters and I was absolutely planking with fear!  “It’s all very well”, I said to the wife who had arranged it with Ger Moran, “but I’m the one who’s going to have to do all the talking – and where will you be? Off drinking coffee somewhere I suppose and well out of the limelight.”  “Stop your fussing.  You’ll be well able for it” she said as she stalked off leaving me in a total panic!  Well, I ask you!  I’m the one who’s supposed to be shy and anti-social and here she has me being interviewed and not only that but on the TELLY!


Anyways, they came; I talked; they went!  And they were lovely, but ask me what I said and I couldn’t tell you!  I haven’t a clue but apparently it went very well – according to the wife – and surprisingly I didn’t get stuck for words!


So, prepare yourselves.  It’s going to be aired on 16th November, we think, on Channel 191 and if you want a bit of a laugh as you watch a total amateur making a fool of himself, please watch it.  I’ll need all the support I can get and guess what?  There’ll be no Christmas present for herself this year if it doesn’t go well!

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  1. Sounds like you did a great job. Now you might need a company of elves and an Elwood or a Fanny to cope with the demand once you go viral. But you’ll have a plan for that eventuality no doubt. We’ll have the popcorn and de cans ready for the 16th.

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